Bridges & Flyover Construction

Bridges and Flyovers are an integral part of transport. Bridge and Flyover Construction is at the heart of STIPL's experience and expertise in providing innovative, reliable solutions and acting as a specialist partner to owners and contractors.

The method of construction normally goes hand in hand with bridge and flyover design and both depend upon many factors and constraints. These include - but are not limited to - economy of construction, availability and cost of local resources, environmental issues (such as traffic and protected areas), the geography of the landscape, the ground bearing capacity and quality, and other design requirements such as geometry, loadings and planned service life.

As such, every bridge is indeed a prototype, and its shape and layout result from the careful consideration of all these factors. We have evolved from a specialist post-tensioning company into a multi-discipline bridge partner, capable of providing contractors and engineers with construction and engineering services for highly complex projects.

Areas of Expertise

Arch Bridges

Beam Bridges

Suspension Bridges


Our Skills

We have carefully crafted and perfected all of our construction processes, guided by our commitment to our clients' success and drive to continually leverage the best practices, equipment, and technology available.

National & State Highway 95%
Bridges & Flyovers 85%
MResidential & Commercial 90%
Shopping or Bussiness Complexes86%

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